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Our goal at Monarch Consulting is to provide expert information, assistance, counsel and representation to individuals, families, corporations and/or agencies in all Canadian immigration matters.  These include legalities, policies, and programs.  All information provided to Monarch will be held in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the privacy bylaws mandated by ICCRC.  We strive to provide the best service for all of our clients.


1) We carefully evaluate your qualifications in an initial consultation (in person, via email, by Skype or by phone) and let you know if we feel you qualify now. Our assessment will be completely honest, and will let you know what your options are, so you can avoid wasting valuable time or spending money needlessly.

2) We select the most efficient and secure method to immigrate to Canada for our valued clients.

3) We prepare an accurate and complete application based on the information you provide us. Therefore we aim to avoid time delays due to additional requests by immigration officials.

4) We provide personal interview coaching should an Immigration Interview be necessary and after approval of your landing we will assist you with all the tools and information you need for successful transition into your first 6 months in Canada.